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SPC FES 15 guidelines for submission


DateDecember 17 ( and 18 also, if many enough works are submitted)

Time : Start..16:00, Curtain..19:00

Performers and staff are expected to come to the venue by 11:00 or 12:00.

Works will be performed on December 17. If many enough works are submitted, we will hold two days festival (Dec. 17 and 18). In this case, works will be performed on either Dec. 17 or 18. No work will be performed twice.
Performers will be able to take part in technical meetings and rehearsals (around 1 week before the festival). A detailed schedule will be sent later.

Venue: Special Colors (5-9-1 B1, Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo)


We will hold a mini party after the curtain. As “party attending fee”, performers are expected to bring some drink, food or 1,000 yen.


Performance genre: No limit as far as there is any kind of bodily expression on the stage and it does not obstruct others performance. Improvisatorial works are also welcomed.


A. 7,000 yen for a work shorter than 12 minutes

B. 12,000 yen for a work that’s length is from 12 to 20 minutes

Performer number for one work should be up to 4.

There are no ticket sale requirements associated with participation. Nevertheless, we ask that performers enthusiastically promote and advertise the Festival to attract a wider audience.

You can receive 1000yen of cashback for each 1 ticket sales (2,500yen, including after-party with 1 drink). Especially for your first one ticket sale, you can receive 2,000yen of special cashback.


<Application deadline>

28th OCT 2016 Friday

Submit for application after next buttom